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"A lot of the time when somebody is trying to read me they get in to fear because of what they see. Kate is a unique soul that can see the truth of something without getting in to fear by what she is actually channeling, and it brought me a lot of joy, and a lot of confirmation about some things. But it makes me excited to know that there's people like Kate out there that can actually see without the lens of fear." 



“You're gonna shit when I tell you my kid & I just randomly shout La Chancla throughout the day & that I've been thinking about becoming a helio pilot. I was worried I wasn't going to connect with anything you said bc other people's readings seemed so odd and random but everything you mentioned is spot on. including my crow like tendencies and asking to be guided to abundance. thank you so much Kate!”



“I was blown away and shocked how freakin awesome the session was! Right off the bat she said “clip board” and I was literally holding one! What?!? 🤯”



"You can't block out the sun... it'll burn you" -@b3n.the.great


"Has the same problem I do...loves bad bitches. 10 out of 10 would book again." @KatNBoots138

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