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This session is held over the phone with me and KatNBoots138!

We use are combined healies to help you with healing Trauma, Timeline Issues, Dimensional issues, Pocket Dimensions, Inner Child, Past Lives, Blockages, Health Issues, Connecting With Spirit Guides, and literally anything else you need help with.

Once a month me and Kat co-host a walk-through class, via ZOOM, on Thursdays, 9:30 pm, Eastern Standard Time to help you learn the skills for healing work based on the subject that month.

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Kate and Kat Live Podcast.jpeg

Welcome to Kate and Kat Live! Our podcast is completely Spirit led. Every episode is a new adventure where we walk people through healing anything from spirit guides, to past lives, to inner child work, to how the energies and trauma affects the mechanical workings of our physical bodies, to exploring time, space and dimensions, and how it's all happening now. This podcast is for beginners and experts alike. This can be considered explicit content to some as we do not edit ourselves. 

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