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💅Fellow Baddies💅


Hi! I'm Kat! I'm a spiritual surgeon, a timeline and dimensional healer, an organic Hacker,

and an IT tech for humans.

Basically, I have the personal experience and know how to help with a plethora of energetic things!

A few years ago I focused the majority of my work by guiding ppl through their past lives (which are all happening now) and also healing the trauma, embedded in their soul, from those events.

As the years continued I have remembered how to do some AMAZING things, by reaching into the Quantum energy field (space, time, and spaces in between) and transmuting/alchemizing energy to effect the physical molecular structure that layers within our Earth's dimensions, and beyond.

I offer guided sessions and classes, during my regular weekly schedule, but wanted to offer an alternative for those looking more for a boost, on their own time.

I hope to be extending more of these types of easily accessible items, while still offering my one on one guidance and weekly classes.

Thank you for taking a look

let's get into it, yuh!

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