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Hi I'm Kate and I am a see-er/channeler. I love to channel Spirit Guide/Spirit Team messages for the most impactful messages you need to know at this time.  I am also in the Aviation Industry as my physical career! Aviation is a HUGE part of my spirituality as my verbiage, and my physical actions from it, are how I was able to build what I do from the ground up!

When book a reading, your guides always agree! I've had a 100% success rate of speaking to anyone's team once they book. Everything is sent via email or posted on TikTok with payment made ahead of the reading, 

Talking with your spirit team to bring you the most impactful messages can have a huge impact on your spiritual journey. I make my readings an immersive experience by bringing all the details to you as you meet your personal team, and start to communicate with them. 

Let's get started! 

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